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  Our First Digital Library
Our First Digital Library: A book shelf store:
We launched our first ebook Application for the iPad of some of our Arabic books.It is a free App. where you can find our digital books that you can buy and download and easily read on your iPad. We will be adding more books to this store along the way.

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   New Titles

     Khotowat Almorabeya Almethaleya Lelinaya Beltefel

  By: Jo Frost
Jo Frost “Super Nanny” presents in her book necessary information and psychological support that new parents need when dealing with their newborn babies. Presented materials guide to take care of babies as fetuses and during their first year of life.

     Alcoholic and Narcotic Drugs Addiction
Dr. Faisal Al Zarrad

  "Alcohol and Narcotic Drugs Addiction" is a recently published book written by Dr. Faisal Al Zarrad, professor and consultant in psychological therapy and family addiction awareness in the Arab Nations and the National Union for Psychological Health. ...more

     Kon Kal Farasha Sadeekan Lil Tabiaa
Neel Izzat

  Create healthy, winning habits. From high blood pressure remedies to handling babies' ailments, this book is packed with practical advice. It illustrates how you improve your health through healthy lifestyle and health-promoting diet. ...more

     Atbak Shahiya Lil Atfal Wal Awlad
Edited by: Mme Sadouf Kamal and Mme Sima Othman Yassin

  Feeding babies and toddlers a diet of freshly cooked food promotes good health and a positive attitude towards food. In this book there are lots of meals, combinations of foods, easy directions and great pictures. Every parent should have this book handy.

     Fee Al Tarbeya Al Shaghofa
Raja Abu Shakra

  Discover why respect, love and logic work in the school environment and understand the psychological reasons behind their effectiveness. Abu Shakra’s book includes positive approaches and time-tested strategies that will empower teachers. ...more

  With tips on everything from decluttering to dry cleaning, storage solutions to spring cleaning, dinner parties to brunches, this is an indispensable guide. ...more

     Kayfa Touallef Kitaban
Dr. Rashed Al Abed Al Karim

  Inspiring and clear, this book details the exact steps to take you from choosing a topic to a published book. It teaches you how to develop ideas and turn them into stories. ...more

     Azwaj Wa Zawjat
Ola Al Motayri

  This is an eye-opening book that contains true stories narrated by married couples. Written in a warm and personal style, it paints a dramatic and compelling picture of marriage and married couples.

     Moojam Abdel Nour Al Mouzdawej
Dr. Jabbour Abdel Nour, Dr. A.K. Abdel Nour

  This is a new edition of the best-seller comprehensive dual dictionary, French-Arabic, Arabic-French, designed to meet the needs of French and Arabic speakers throughout the world. ...more

   New Children Books

     My Kingdom: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Maha Al Shahri

  My kingdom is a textbook for elementary students. It is packed with simple illustrations and photos and rich informative texts about the country's culture.

     Louis Braille
Educational Publishing Committee

  Series:Nadi Al Kurraa
This is the moving story of Louis Braille, the French boy who lost his sight in an accident when he was Five. Despite this fact, he was determined to find out about everything around him.

     Awal Rehla Ila LKamar
Educational Publishing Committee

  Series:Nadi Al Kurraa
Find out all about what happened on the first trip to the moon , and learn about astronaut selection and training in this exciting true story

     Myaw...La Tohibo Lawnaha
Maha Al Shahri

  This is a charming picture board book about kittens. The words are simple and the illustrations are cute and funny.

     Technology Series
  This Series with its six titles is rich in information about different issues of technology with a look back at the early development and a flash forward to potential advances in the future. It contains the following titles: computers, Aircrafts, Medicine, Robots, Telecommunication, and Space Exploration.



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Al Sharja Award
Dar El Ilm Lilmalayin is one of the largest and leading publishing houses over the Arab world with more than 3000 books, and a rich hisory for far more than sixty years of great establishments. Dar El Ilm Lilmalayin, and with the collaboration of the generous government of Sharja, has earned to win the best publication house in the Arab World for the year 2007.
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IBBY award for the children story
The Children picture book ‘Jami’a al Ahlam”, from Nadi el Quraa series, has been distinguished for excellence for the quality of its translation by the International Board on Books ...more

Golden Book Award
Dar El Ilm Lilmalayin wins the GOLDEN BOOK Award from Sharjah’s First Reading Festival for the distinguished children story ...more

Almawrid Dictionary news

Illustrated Mawrid for Students
Illustrated Mawrid for Students
3 dictionaries in 1
This dictionary is dedicated to all those who are beginning to learn the English language. It provides accurate explanations of the most important words in Arabic and English, in an exciting and contemporary approach.

Mawrid Thulathi Li tolab
This dictionary is considered a reference dictionary where it includes the three languages: Arabic, English and French. It will make it easier for the students and researchers looking for the meaning of Arabic terms to use the three languages in a modern and practical way. ...more

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