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Khotowat Almorabeya Almethaleya Lelinaya Beltefel
Jo Frost “Super Nanny” presents in her book necessary information and psychological support that new parents need when dealing with their newborn babies. Presented materials guide to take care of babies as fetuses and during their first year of life. Jo Frost approached her book from a "life's lessons" viewpoint and wrote it in her special passionate style while keening on demonstrating most valuable knowledge in the field. She presents in the book advice, practical experience, precautions as well as check-up schedule and first aid procedures. This book is a practical guide that has well-arranged information, most of which is not mentioned in other childcare books. The book is based on “Super Nanny”, the famous TV program that addresses parents and teachers of 3-7 year-old children. (Four editions of the books were issued in a year).

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Moojam Abdel Nour Al Mouzdawej
This is a new edition of the best-seller comprehensive dual dictionary, French-Arabic, Arabic-French, designed to meet the needs of French and Arabic speakers throughout the world. With more than 15000 entries, it provides up-to-date coverage
of French words. It is intended for teachers, tourists,
business travelers….anyone who needs to communicate effectively in the French and Arabic languages .

Kayfa Touallef Kitaban
Inspiring and clear, this book details the exact steps to take you from choosing a topic to a published book. It teaches you how to develop ideas and turn them into stories. Advice is also given in a straigh forward and usable manner, laying out and examining all of the tools available to writers, from imagination to technology.

Kayfa Tosbihin Rabbat Bayt Mithaliyya
With tips on everything from decluttering to dry cleaning,
storage solutions to spring cleaning, dinner parties to brunches,
this is an indispensable guide. Whether you are a housewife,
or a young professional or a student just setting up home,
the Perfect Housewife has helpful hints to get you organized.
You can save time and energy and turn your house into a home with
Anthea Turner host of TV hit program The Perfect Housewife.

Fee Al Tarbeya Al Shaghofa
Discover why respect, love and logic work in the school environment and understand the psychological reasons behind their effectiveness. Abu Shakra’s book includes positive approaches and time-tested strategies that will empower teachers. It is a valuable guide that helps teachers increase skills, enhance professional development and maximize classroom learning time.

Kon Kal Farasha Sadeekan Lil Tabiaa
Create healthy, winning habits. From high blood pressure remedies to handling babies' ailments, this book is packed with practical advice. It illustrates how you improve your health through healthy lifestyle and health-promoting diet. Provided by convenient natural treatments and nutritional advice, it even discusses the effect of the elements on our health. This book will encourage you to work with nature as a wide prime reference to maintain the gift of a good health.

Idf’a dolaran taqtul Arabiyyan (11/2000)

Hikayat Al-Massa' (11/2000)
Ayn ikhtabaa al-tiflan, Mata sataoud al-‘asafir, Sirena al-arnab al-mouzari’a, Ayn dhahabat ‘assafir shourfati, Al-wahsh al-ladhi akala al-Jabal, shatir wa Kasul-Fayrouz Karden Baalbaki

Al-Tabkh al-‘alami (11/2000)
Al-Ma’karuna Al-Sari’a

Qamus al-addad (10/2000)

Ajmal qisas al-ushaq al-‘arab wa ahla ash’arihim (10/2000)

Alif ba' al-shitranj (10/2000)